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Huilliche Cultural Tour

This five-day program will lead us to the heart of the Huilliche Community at the Pacific coast near the city of Osorno. We will visit indigenous localities, where you can participate in their daily life, get to know their customs, enjoy their cooking and learn about their belief systems.

You will also get a chance to walk amongst some of the oldest trees of the world, in one of the best preserved forests of Chile

Huilliche Cultural Trek Overview

Day-1: Osorno, Condor's Creek & Huellelhue Communities (Dinner)

Day-2: Condor's Creek, Huellelhue and Indigenous Park (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Day-3: Huellelhue life (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Day-4: Huellelhue - Osorno (Breakfast, lunch/picnic)

Day-5: Osorno( Breakfast)

Huilliche Cultural Tour

Huilliche Cultural Trek

Day-1 - Osorno , Condor's Creek & Huellelhue Communities (Dinner)
We will depart from Osorno 55 km to Bahía Mansa (Silent Bay) at the Pacific Coast, where we will boared in a boat to sail along the coast before arriving at Condor's Creek, about 8 km further to the south. In the right season we can observe the variety of marine life in the coastal ecosystem, including dolphins, otters and sea wolves.

The indigenous community of Condor´s Creek consists of 65 people or 30 families, of which the majority are of Mapuche-Huilliche parentage. Their mayor source of income is the sale of tejuelas which are their typical roof and wall shingles. The people live in harmony with nature, they do not have any basic service or infrastructure like electricity, potable water, radio, telephone, school or connection to the road-network.

Accommodation in a family home

Day 02 - Condor's Creek, Huellelhue and Indigenous Park (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Today we will walk through the village heading north in a boat which will bring us to the Huellelhue village. Approximately 130 people live here, of which 54 % correspond to the indigenous community of the Ñirehue and 45 % to the indigenous community of Huellelhue. We will visit an isolated farm of a Huilliche family, where we will enjoy lunch. Afterwards we go on a short small trek through the village in the direction of the Gilberto Cumilef Quintul Park, which is part of the network of Indigenous Parks which protect the ancient Fitzroya trees. The Fitzroya Trees are some of the oldest trees on the world.

When we enter the native forest of the park we will see an impressive variety of plants, trees, bushes, creeper plants, mosses and ferns. Apart from this there are many insects, birds, mushrooms and other livings.

Accommodation in a family home.

Day-3 - Huellelhue  life (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Today we will get to know the village and the school of the Huellelhue and we will have the opportunity to interact with the local people through diverse activities like boat rides, fishing, making bread, horse riding excursions along the beaches or visiting the woods again.

The Indigenous Park-Network Lafken Mapu Lahual was created in 2001 with the goal to preserve a sample of the native woods of the Coastal Cordillera and traditional indigenous knowledge for future generations. At the same it is also trying to generate alternatives of income for the families in the community through tourism, handicrafts and other activities which are compatible with conservation.

The variety of fauna in these woods is astonishing. It is estimated, that there is a variety of 30 species of birds within the woods and a similar number of mammals, of which some species like the Molina's Hog-nosed Skunk, the Kodkod or güiña, the fox or the pudu, mountain monkeys, the river nutria or the Puma live.

Accommodation in family home.

Day-4: Huellelhue - Osorno (Breakfast, lunch/picnic)
Today we will drive back to Bahía Mansa by boat, from where we will continue to Osorno. In case the weather should not permit the boat trip we will do the transfer by foot with the help of horses until Rio Negro. When we arrive in Osorno we will have time to dinner in one of the numerous restaurants within the city.

Accommodation in Hotel Sonesta.

Day-5 - Osorno (Breakfast)
Today our trip will end with a transfer to the airport, for those who do not want to continue their program in the region of the Lakes and Rivers.

End of services

End of services
Incredible highlights of Chile

Incredible highlights of Chile
Duration 5 Days
Best time September to March
Accommodation Hotels, Family Homes

Dates and Costs

All of these trips are arranged on a private basis. Costs vary based on the number of people.

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Incredible culutre of Chile

Price includes
Transfers to / from Osorno
Excursions as mentioned in the itinerary
Private guide assistance (except transfer out Day-5)
Meals as indicated during the program
Boat trips as mentioned
Overnights in family houses
One night in Hotel
One horse assistance during large hiking passages.

Prices excludes
International flights
Required airport taxes
Visa's and vaccinations
Items of clothing, sleeping bags and miscellaneous drinks, etc.

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