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Tibet lies to the north of the great Himalayan range which separates Tibet from its neighbours India, Nepal and Bhutan. With its spectacular Himalayan mountain scenery and rich Buddhist culture, Tibet is a remarkable place to visit and an ideal take off point for a trek to Everest advanced base camp, or a Himalayan mountain bike cycle.

The heart soul and capital of Tibet is Lhasa, literally meaning 'Holy-Land', with a history of more than 1,300 years. Tibet hugs the northern border of Nepal and is part of the China land mass. In the 7th century AD, Tibet rose to prominence as an important center of administrative power when Songtsen Gampo, a local ruler in the Yarlung Valley, went aboutthe task of unifying Tibet. He built a palace on the site that is now occupied by the Potala and made it his capital.

The fifth Dalai Lama also made Lhasa his capital. He built his palace, the Potala, on the site of ruins of Songtsen Gampo's 7th century palace, Lhasa has remained Tibet's capital since 1642 Little is known of the origins of the Tibetans, but it is believed that they came from the nomadic, warlike tribes known as the Qiang.

Heading out on this Everest Advanced Base Camp trek, will take you up the North Face of Everest, to camp III. Heading out over the Tibetan Plateau, with an average altitude in excess of 3500m, Tibet is often described as the roof of the world
This incredible tour blends the beauty of Nepal with the mysticism of Tibet and the simplicity of the Tibetans living high on the Tibetan plateau. You will experience everything from Tibetan monasteries, to endless vistas, to Everest bsae camp itself.
The Kailash "Gang Rinpoche", which means "Jewel of snow" is striking in the way it rises high above the surrounding range and always remains snow - capped. Mount Kailash has a unique and distinct shape, with four sheer faces matching the cardinal points of the compass. It is also free standing, solitary.

This relaxed easy tour takes you through the bustling streets of Kathmandu to major sights such as the ancient city of Bhaktapur and on to Pokhara. It then heads to the famous Royal Chitwan National Park, rich in plant and animal life, including one of the last populations of single-horned Indian Rhinoceros
The Tamang Heritage trail is a newly opened trekking route in the northern Langtang region. As descendants of the Tibetan people who settled in this region, the Tamang culture is virtually untouched by western influence.

On this trek, you will get to experience the best of incredible scenery and the depth of the culture of the people who live in this region.

Mera Peak is located at the head of the quiet and remote Hinku valley, an area of the Mount Everest region rarely frequented by trekkers or visitors.

There are many approaches to Mera; some are easy and some require the crossing of high and difficult passes. It is a technical peak.

This is the most spectacular trek in the Himalayas, along routes lined and carved out by beautiful, multi-hued prayer flags and intricately carved Mani stones.

The Everest region is home to the wonderful friendly Sherpa people, picturesque villages, and variety of cultures..

From 24 days
Compared to the standard Everest Trek, this route is far more challenging as the trek includes Gokyo Ri, Renjo La, Kala Patthar and a high mountain pass, the Cho La at 5420m. That's 4 major high points over 5000m in one single trek, a considerable challenge especially to those unaccustomed to high altitude travel.
This technical peak, regarding by many as a trekking peak,. involves some steep sections, where the use of crampons,

Ice-axe and ropes are necessary, and for this reason we use highly experienced guides who know the mountain very well, to guide you to the summit.

Variations include via Everest base camp, or direct to Island Peak

The Tilicho Lakes bike tour takes you into some remote regions of the Annapurna. We start biking from lowland paddy fields, steadily gaining altitude as we pass through oak and pine forests that eventually give way to the high desert country at Manang (3579m).

This is a strenuous biking route to high altitude.

The Dhaulagiri massif is one of the tallest and biggest mountain systems in the world, forty kilometres long and encompasses no fewer than fifteen 7,000 m. plus peaks.

The trek is an extended and strenuous trek, through high alpine pastures, high passes and serene, and uninhabited valleys.

Surrounded by spectacular vistas and rhododendron forests, which give way to bamboo groves, you will encounter the marvellous culture of the people, with a mix of Aryan and Mongoloid people.

This is relatively easy biking tour, but requires expertise in mountain biking.